What is BLE and how it helps to realtime asset tracking

January 23, 2023

What is BLE?

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), or Bluetooth Smart, is a wireless personal area network technology designed to provide reduced power consumption and cost as compared with Classic Bluetooth even while maintaining a similar communication range. 

What makes BLE so important?

BLE is a real-time asset tracking technology which is highly efficient within the premises. Since it is a cloud-based technology, it is highly secure and reliable. It is a highly skilful technology used for monitoring productivity.


Features of BLE asset tracking:

Low Cost, High ROI:

Though BLE asset tracking cannot emphatically be termed as low cost, it is cost-effective. The more BLE beacons that are installed in indoor premises, the more accurate the information received. BLE can assure a high return on investment as it tracks the assets and equipment accurately. BLE asset tracking works in both indoor and outdoor conditions.


Versatile Tags:

BLE Beacons and tags are easy to install while integrating with existing networks and systems. They help the user save lots of time and money. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) does not require any additional infrastructure. It works on LED lighting power and the smartphones of personnel.

BLE Beacons provide real-time geo-location. They are, therefore, versatile for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Low Power Consumption:

BLE Beacons consume low energy or power i.e. another cost-saving feature. As a real power saver, BLE provides a low-cost location system. You can use standard batteries to make BLE beacons and tags run. They have an extended battery life of years, and the batteries can also be easily replaced.


Improved Security:

BLE signals are sent through cellular networks. All the messages sent from BLE Beacon travel through a cellular network inside a central gateway, increasing data security. Though a little time-consuming process, the system cannot be called that slow also. It delivers real-time information.


High Coverage Range:

BLE Beacons provides you 4 times better range of coverage to scan the assets than earlier methods. With the implementation of a high and extended coverage range, you will need less hardware with reduced errors and reduced expenses.


High Broadcast Capacity:

The most impressive feature of BLE asset tracking is its high broadcast capacity. BLE technique is capable to deliver 800% more broadcast messaging capacity. BLE Beacon can transfer data at a rate of 200 Kbps in typically 3ms while consuming the lowest of power i.e., >15mA.


Fast Speed of Data Transfer:

It is a very progressive feature that BLE Beacon can deliver data at a faster speed, nearly 2x the speed of other methods. This kind of faster update of data provides makes the jobs of the operating managers a lot hassle-free.